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Dr Kasana's Elegant Aesthetics, is much more than just a skincare clinic. It is a vision,to make every treatment 100% side-effect free.

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Laser Treatment

In medicine, lasers offer surgeons the ability to work very precisely. They can focus on a small area and damage less of the surrounding tissue. Patients who have laser therapy may experience less pain, swelling, and scarring than with traditional surgery. Laser is used in a plethora of cosmetology procedures. One of the most popular procedures is permanent hair removal. This procedure results in smooth, pleasing and hairless skin. This treatment is nothing less than a blessing for women all over the world. Laser is also utilized to remove permanent tattoo.

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Even though acne is an acute condition, it can leave lifelong scars. Numerous individuals suffer from depression due to acne scars. Thanks to advancement in cosmetology, acne scars can be eliminated. Several methods are available, and you should consult an experienced professional to get the best results.

If your acne scars don't fade away on their own, book an appointment with us. In one to three sessions, laser skin resurfacing using fractionated laser technology can even out the skin surface and increase the formation of new collagen. Collagen is a protein that's a building block of the skin. The new collagen can help fill in acne scars.

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Derma rollers are used for a treatment process called micro needling or skin needling. It is a form of collagen induction therapy, quickly gaining popularity in the Western countries. Derma rollers are already highly popular in parts of Asia where skin needling has been practiced for some time. Unlike other treatments for acne scars, stretch marks and wrinkles, derma rollers do not damage the skin or remove the epidermis layer.

We even provide vitamin rich treatment cream along with derma-roller to make this process even more effective and do ensure your body gets the nutrition it needs.

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It would be safe to say that warts and moles are the most undesired things to happen in anybody's life. Unfortunately, numerous individuals suffer from this embarrassment. You can get rid of warts and moles without any pain and simple procedure. The procedure is also safe, and leaves no other harmful effects. Warts and Moles, medically defined as nevi, are a collection of pigmented cells that show up on the skin as small brownish or blackish spots.

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If you're suffering from hair fall, there is no need to panic. Our experts understand your concern, and will leave no stone unturned to offer the finest solutions. Our methodologies strive to offer results with no harmful effects. Anti-hair fall therapy leads to stronger and healthier hair growth. Improves hair quality overall and personality drastically.

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Leading Services

Skin Problems

Dr Kasana's Elegant Aesthetics offers extensive services to cure the skin problem. There are many type of skin problem can occurs like Acne, hyperpigmentation etc

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Hair Problems

Dr Kasana's Elegant Aesthetics cures various hair problem. All the treatments for Hair problems are 100% side effect free. Click below to explore our services in hair problems

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Body Problems

Dr Kasana's Elegant Aesthetics provides solution to Tattoo removal, mole removal, warts removal etc. Click below to explore our services in Body problems

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Dr Lalit Kasana, An Innovative Thinker And Gifted Visionary In The Field Of Cosmetology. Book an instant appointment just one click away.