What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks catch as linear resection on the skin that has been overstretched, and they run perpendicular to maximum lines of be embarrassed in the skin. They begin as flat red lines, and over time they emerge as slightly gloomily white streaks. They tend to occur near the armpits, on the thighs,belly, chest, and groin. Their appearance is similar to radical changes seen in the surface of rubber balloons that have been overinflated.

There is some controversy over the precise rule of procedure by which striae occur. There seems to be waster to the elastic fibers of the dermis the deeper layer of the skin Inclusive by inflammation which eventually results in scar-like changes. These changes appear to be induced by excessive physical stretching on the skin. There are a number of clinical situations which will predispose the skin to the formation of striae. These include rapid and exorbitant increase in body mass, the excessive use of topical or systemic glucocorticoid drugs (steroids), Cushing’s disease


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