Tissue Tightening

Tissue Tightening Treatment is  laser therapy provides deep tissue collagen stimulation and clamp created by applying purposeful heat into the dermal layer of the skin with no downtime.

Skin tightening on the face, jawline, and throat is now easier than ever with the SkinTyte Laser.  Utilizing a safe infrared light to heat the skin beneath the surface while conservancy the surface of the skin with a unique cooling handpiece.  This device is getting rave reviews from our customers SkinTyte skin tightening is an impressive, minimally aggressive option for men and women of all skin types and skin tones.  Laser skin tightening has none of the expenditure, risk, and downtime associated with surgical cosmetic facial procedures.  During your free consultation, we’ll be able to tell you if a SkinTyte laser medication is right for you.


Dr. Kasana’s Elegant Aesthetics offers Tissue Tightening Treatment  in Greater Noida and Ghaziabad. Register now and get free consultation for treatment at pocket friendly cost.

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