Age Defense MediFacial

One of the best defenses opposite aging skin is the age defense medifacial. The medifacial occupational therapy uses an antioxidant serum that prevents free radical damage. This treatment is a mild peel mixed with microdermabrasion that helps to remove lifeless skin and also stimulate circulation. This effect ensures tightness of skin.

As the  name signalize, Age Defense Medi Facial helps people defy their age by displaying their juvenescent looking skin at all points of time. During the process, the skin gets polished with Microdermabrasion, which is a bark that is very placid in nature. This abrasion removes the unwanted accumulation and  lifeless cells from the surface of the skin. When the  lifeless cells get removed from the grade of the skin the collagen production increases. Then a serum that is high in anti oxidant is applied on the surface of the skin preventing damage caused by free radicals.



Dr. Kasana’s Elegant Aesthetics offers advanced Age Defense Medifacial Treatment  for acne scars in Greater Noida and Ghaziabad. Register now and get free consultation for treatment at pocket friendly cost.

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