OxyBrite 4 in 1 Super Medi Facial

The latest in MediFacials, a attractive with the stars before red pavage events, the Kasana OxyBrite is a 4 all in 1 solution with no downtime.

“The Kasana Oxy Brite medication is the newest and most popular medication at the moment at Kasana Skin & Hair Clinics. Guests very often find it difficult  to take time out of their busy program to undergo procedures and this a great fix for those who face a time crunch . The Kasana OxyBrite rejuvenates the skin & is  a perfect pre event/pre party medication, a must try for individuals with faded skin that needs an instant lift!!

Fresher, youngish, Tighter, Radiant, Smoother skin can all be achieved in just under 30 mins


Dr. Kasana’s Elegant Aesthetics offers advanced OxyBrite 4 in 1 Super Medi Facial for acne scars in Greater Noida and Ghaziabad. Register now and get free consultation for treatment at pocket friendly cost.

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