Hair Fall Treatment

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Is Hair Fall Making You Insane?

it is a real fact in hair falling probelme in 90 percent person feel its probelme Everyone can perceive how it is to see strands of your hair snuggled around the tooth of your hair brush. Hair are a important part of the human which gives us aglamorous singularity . Today, many people are facing this issue. many cause of hair falling. Some of them you will find shortly on this page.

Some common reason of protrude hair loss are?
pattern alopecia,
drug-induced alopecia,
protein malnutrition,

Major Factors for Your Hair Loss/Fall?

1- Exertion could be a matter of reason for your hair disadvantage
 2-long time sickness may reason hair falling
 3-Treatment   like chemotherapy and more Vitamin A
3-Hormonal probelme is a hair falling
4-acute sentimental tension

How to get Hair Fall Treatment

Dr Lalit kasana give own personal treatment .different in other clinic of india for specially of hair treatment . dr kasana provide hair fall treatment in specially type and provide non surgical treatment. here you will satishified any type of problem and provide medicine diffrenet of other clinic and you will not take for antibiotic medicine.

Common Hair Loss Patterns

1-mottled Hair Loss
2-unpick Hair Loss
3-Man Pattern Baldness
4-woman Pattern Baldness

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