electrolysis for hair removal

Dr Lalit Kasana say electrolysis is a small problem hair remove. it is grow mostly on hand and face

What is electrolysis Hair expulsion?
Hair expulsion is a procedure a fine syringe is crossed by the natural hair openings and destroy whole vesicle by generate warmth and chemical procedure, thereby regrowth is stop by electrolysis.
Will work electrolysis for you?
It is do your works on all manner and colors of pelt and hair. Electrolysis can be easy way used to remedy gray, Fair, grayish hairs permanently.

Electrolysis is idealist ic hairs that cannot be remedy by laser hair shortage, specially white / gray hairs on the chin, upper lip areas.

the electrolys is Science of behind

Small electric current is passed through fine needles which destroys the dermal papillae, the matrix, and the bulge of the hair follicle completely to give you silky smooth skin.

Are the electrolysis hair expulsion system same?

The machines differ from manual to digital in technology, but electrology remains the same, there are three modalities like Galvanic Thermolysis and Blend method which combines both. They all result in permanent hair removal.

Present technology latest technology for ourself

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