Diode Low laser therapy

 Dr Lalit kasana invent own experience Laser using low power can easily penetrate into our skin without the feeling of heat.,with the enhanced blood cells, blood Diffusion is modified assent your hair to grow best, which in turn available more nutrients and oxygen to the pate.Besides,The Laser beam are direct used on the pate so that the supply of red blood cells is stimulated

Who are the ideal patients who benefit from Low level Laser therapy?

People who will benefit from Low Level Laser therapy includes those that have:

1-Hair disadvantage not over and above five years
2-scaldheaded position not over and above four inch across the head
3-inherited hair disadvantage
4-present time using other hair disadvantage therapy or treatment
5-elapseing Chemotherapy or experienced hair loss after a disease
6-dry pate
7-Experienced hair loss after giving birth

 How long does the treatment take?

DR Lalit kasana  tell own fact.Each session takes about 15 minutes.Treatment protocols apply in our clinic generally take  60-75 day treatments per week for 6 weeks followed by once a week sessions for the next 3 – 4 months, based on the hair situtation and you will success  110%


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