PRP Treatment for Hair

What is PRP/Platelet Rich Plasma?

Dr Lalit kasana sayreduction.The PRP therapy is aplly for hair relapse cases where the hair relapse is replant to nutritional reduction, hormonal or genetics. Due to either of the aforecited factors, the hair follicles start dying out thus detecting the hair regrowth.

As described, the proteins in the plasma facilitate cell develop and hence overhaul these hair follicles thus transshipment their potence for hair regrowth


The PRP Procedure

The following points explain what happens in a PRP process:

The dermatologist exert a sample of the blood. The cost of the sample taken based on the size of The area where PRP is to be injected. The cost taken is usually around 10 ml.
The blood sample is then centrifuged in a axifugal instrument in order to separate it into its ingredient. This point takes around 20 minutes for completion.
The separated plasma is then taken into a needle and injected into the impressed area.
Often imaging services such as Ultrasound are used to see the exact nerve where the plasma is to be injected lest there should be a wrong injection leading to damage

Are there any side effects of PRP Procedure?

There might be slight swelling, pain, and redness for initial 5-6 days but it gradually subsides. There are no other side effects reported till date.

How many sessions would be required for PRP Treatment to be effective?

This is very personally to the patient in question because everyone has various require. However, 5-6 sessions over a period of 12-18 months are enough for long-lasting results.

When do the results for PRP start showing?

The outcome are valuable visible only in the long term because PRP treatment is about changng the nutritional circumstances of the cells. However, it would be safe to state that 30-50 days later the treatment, one can see lesser hair fall and develop of new hair at the remedy spot.

Are there any Risks involved in PRP?

As long as the procedure is guided well-using imaging processes and the doctor is experienced, there are no risks involved in the procedure.

However, an illiterate practitioner might injection the plasma into the wrong nerves which may cause grave breakage and deficit .

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