Ultralipo System

Miraculous Painless Instant Fat Reduction*

 Dr lalit kasana say UltraLipo is the best solution, if you have not been able to remove  body fat, In spite of exercise and diet  maintain.   the newest technology that finally gets rid of fat and above all.


Dr Lalit kasana tell own fact
It is carried out by fat areas to low frequency ultrasound. thus creating micro bubbles in the fat tissue by the combination of varying pressure and temperature. This shatters the fat cells utilization ultrasound, renounce the stock that are finally harmlessly stock by the body.

Ultrasonic cavitation is very equally to liposuction as notion, but the big distinction is that the unusable goods remain in our body, it is not suck out. Everything will be removed by the lymphatic recipe, sweating and urinary system.  so it is matterful to performance lymphatic drainage massage to help the expulsion of split down fat.

The benifits of this process are that this is not a non surgery, it requier no downtime and has no side Impact.. check up  have shown an average shrinkage of 2 cms per session. No disadvantage is reason to any of the other tissue or organs.

The device works by vibrating fat cells at their ringing recurrence till the cell barricade open. This works very well for persons wishing  spot lack and also in people whom aliment and exercise has not helped much.

6 sessions are require for good  results. Every time  takes 40 mins, instantly after which the result is look. The sessions are spaced 1 – 2 weeks apart depending on the area to be treated. After the process a lymphatic drainage massage is performed on the area.


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