the 3 matterful method of form, factor and aesthetics in mind, dental  implements are the  best compromise for replaceof natural teeth.  you requierment to replace some or all of your teeth, you will seen a few immedieatly benefits:

The  capacity to cut into and chewing  foods  same  like  natural teeth is return. You can appreciate your favorite foods such as meats and nuts,  if you were using healthy, natural teeth.

its process is immediatily  return age. With lost teeth, the face has a  whacky appearance and  a person look from more than to real age  . With dental  implement, this is return  immediately and a well balanced, natural and  clear smile is get. his process change the real age and a human personalty.

 Dental perfection occurs once in life and it always moves

 teeth replacement is a case senstive process in your life ‘technique sensitive’ process, need to great specialist. An advanced titanium struct ure is Ballast into the bone where the tooth is to be replaced. This structure acts like a support for the ‘crown’ or the artificial tooth. These mechanics are exactly similar to how a natural tooth anchors itself, and therefore, dental implants are the ideal replacement solution

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We are know that Ascription are just about replacing teeth. They are about replacing them with ones that look different from each other. This requires a perfect combine of an artistic mind with surgical nature. Therefore, all ascription cases at kasana are performed by a team comprising of aesthetic dentists and implantologists. Each has acquired disposal in his/her respective fields and this combination brings about the perfectresults that are absolutely stunning and undoubtedly .


Time structure
Based on the technology comfortable for , implants at kasana are categorized into 3 types, depend in the time required

Two step implants: The procedure is carry out on two step over a minimum interval of 3 months. The first step create the place of the implants and need one to two sessions.
The second stage involves the fabrication of the crowns (teeth). This is an technology and only used in those some cases where single stage implants are clinically impossible

 first step implants: The new in dental implant technology, this involves completion of the entire process, right to extractions, implant place or fabrication in
the crowns (teeth) in first step of something 14 days. This action can be used for almost all types and categories of cases.”

Immediatelly implants: This is a expert technique,allowed teeth to be replace in a one day. Most reason are intelligent for this technique; however, scans and evaluation are need to confirm this. This system is a revolutionary concept that combines precision surgery with specialized implants for immediate results. When it comes to replace of teeth with implants,
every one individual has different need. Whether it is extent or quality in the bone, the relation of jaws, an individual’s preference, time constraints or budget, there are hundreds ofpossible situations, each need a customized solution. We have well equipped to any situation through our broad range of specialized

There are implants made of bioceramic zirconia. These are used in extremely rare cases of titanium allergy or in cases where people do not prefer metal implants.
This Swiss based system breaks through the limitations of conventional implant systems and allow placement of implants even where minimum bone is present.
With this system, no body can be refused implants on grounds of insufficient bone. Using this, we have provided permanent teeth to many people who have previously been rejected by others person.


We are equipped with almost all globally accepted implant systems. A some of them are mentioned below. If you prefer any specific system that is not mentioned, please
kasana clinic with your requirement.

Nobel Biocare
Mini Implants

  • Nobel Biocare
  • Biohorizons
  • Zimmer
  • Ankylos
  • Straumann
  • Mini Implants

Every system and method of implant has its your benefits. so , during your startting appointment with our special; faculty, we would recommend the best system for you depend in your individual reason or requierment

In the right hands, implant process are absolute painless and extremely comfortable. Although our special are acess at surgical precision, they are given further training to carry out the process in a manner that is gentle and extremely relaxing for the patient.Involve with a smoothing comfertable and fresh music, most of our patients sleep through the entire process.