At KASANA CLINIC , all dental process from basic to latest are available under one soffit. The dental care available is of the most topmost standards taking benefit of all the neoteric latest in dentistry. During all process, our harsh standards ensures that there is no agreement on all aspects of form, function, aesthetics, hygiene and sterilization of each and every service provided by us. Our minute attention to detail on all these facet ensures that all our patients are benefited in terms of sound and long lasting dental treatments.

During the startup consultation, you oral status will be thoroughly estimate by our dentists, following which you will be expert regarding your current status using our digital intra oral cameras. This is followed by a comprehensive treatment plan encompassing the work nee, the cost incurred and the time duration. You are choose from a variety of treatment options to suit your time and budget.





kasana clinic prides itself in being associated with better Aesthetic Dentists. Using a combination of a number of treatment instrument, we guarantee you the most dazzling smile.


This process are used to accurate minor detect in the smile including chipped teeth, minor gaps between teeth, change of the dimensions of the teeth, .

A tooth coloured farraginous material is used in combination with differEnet tints to obtain the incline


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Smile Gallery
Smile Gallery


these treatment instrument used either individually or in combination with every one bring about the true magic of a dazzling smile changment. All defects including, macular teeth,fragmented teeth, crooked teeth, excessively small teeth, excessively lengthy teeth, surface defects on teeth, gaps between teeth, overall unaesthetic smile etc can not only be accurate but also the grin can be enhanced to fetching proportions using veneers and metal free crowns. Even regular smiles can be development by altering the shade and the smile line to bring it in harmony with the rest of the face

Smile Gallery
Smile Gallery
Smile Gallery
Smile Gallery