At kasana clinic provide many facility in advance technology and expert Experience the future of dentistry, where a crown is correct designed and manufactured by the most latest systems and is fit in just a single session. This technology not only saves you multiple visits but also construted crowns with unimaginable levels of accuracy, a flawless fit and a perfect bite


A crown can be completed in a first visit of approximately an hour.
The crowns are constructed using a milling machine guided by software to deliver unmatched accuracy of the fit and bite.
The dentist has complete control over the end result as there is no dependency on a dental lab.
At kasana , we offer a 15 year warranty on all CEREC crowns.
Currently, one visit crowns are available at our Kemps. For all branches, an additional appointment is need to allow for shipping time.

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I was so conscious of my smile earlier, until I obtained my teeth done with these Magicians – Dr pooja kasana . I am so much more confident and I smile with ease now.The ambience at kasna is very relaxing and smoothing, with the soft music playing in the background, its everyone like being in a lounge, while we are grill, with no pain.The result – I am a new laughing Buddha, amongst my family and friends.