There have never been any deleterious responses to Sonatherapy treatments. Each individual treatment generally lasts one hour or less. More time may be needed if a geothermal bath and/or consultation with staff physician are added in. every where, clients feel a great deal better after the session than before. Most conditions significantly improve and/or dissipate altogether.

Adjuncts may include sessions with aura colour reading, relaxing on a sound table while receiving further color brightness, etc. In some case psychological and spiritual consulation may be in behest ,like as dietary and overall health analyses.

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The directness of the assorted accessibility oscillation Wave Front BIOresonanceTM must not be defective with other knickers and less impressive elements. The treatment brings to the fore only those powerful elements need to balance and develope the body’s own ability to restore itself. We want to say, Any additional elements, especially if controversial or of highly intervening character, will only impede the natural procedueres of Wave Front circulating within the entity.