Acne Problem

Acne is a common in teenage resulting from the action of hormones and other substances on the skin. These factors lead to plugged pores and outbreaks of lesions commonly called “pimples”. Pimples usually occur on the face, neck, back, chest, and shoulders which may leave marks as well. Dr Kasana's Elegant Aesthetics offers extensive services to cure the acne/pimples problem with no side effect.

ACNE SCAR Treatment

Acne may leave lifelong scars. Numerous individuals suffer from depression due to acne scars. Thanks to advancement in cosmetology, acne scars can be eliminated.
If your acne scars don't fade away on their own, book an appointment with Dr Kasana's Elegant Aesthetics. In one to three sessions, laser skin resurfacing using fractionated laser technology can even out the skin surface and increase the formation of new collagen. Dr Kasana's Elegant Aesthetics offers extensive services to cure the acne/pimples scar problem with no side effect.

Dermaroller treatment dr Lalit kasana's Elegant Aesthetics


Derma rollers also known as micro needling, Unlike other treatments for acne scars, stretch marks and wrinkles, derma rollers do not damage the skin or remove the epidermis layer.
Derma rollers are known for helping to increase absorption of skin and hair through the blocked pores, which impacts hormones effectively. ir cures the Wrinkles, Anti-aging, Acne scars, Pitted scars, Stretch marks, Hair loss, thinning of hair.


Hyper pigmentation is a common and distressing ailment. It is marked by existence of dark patches on skin. Hyperpigmentation is caused due to excessive sun exposure or several other types of skin injuries.
Many forms of Hyperpigmentation are caused due to production of melanin in excess. Hyperpigmentation generally affects areas as the face and the back of hands. It is better to treat such situations with the help of an experienced doctor.


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